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Principal Figgins states how he shouldn’t blame him, but the parents. Blaine walks in, stating how he can’t find Sam and Rachel for the piano lesson. Higgins says he saw them in the courtyard, believing that it’s another glee club romance. He leaves, and Blaine sits, explaining the night with Sue revealing his relation with Karofsky and the guys he’s dated to Kurt.

Glee Premiere Recap: Brave New Lima

Blaine agrees with Kurt that although they are gay, there’s no reason that Kurt has to cross-dress on Sue’s order and Kurt agrees. When they see Tina, Kurt tells her that they are going to get a hot pretzel and that she’s welcome to join the two of them. When Tina falls into the fountain, both of them come running up to help her out.In Tina’s Dream, they trade places with Finn and Puck – Finn being Kurt and Puck being Blaine.

Just when he leaves, Kurt stops him, telling him that he loves him no matter what his hair looks like. Kurt arrives at Breadstix early to meet up with his secret admirer before Sugar’s party. They sit down, and Karofsky confesses to Kurt saying that he “hated who he was” for bullying Kurt, and that he is trying to be honest with what he is feeling. Kurt is flattered and proud of Karofsky, but eventually turns him down by saying that he doesn’t really love him, and also that he is with Blaine. Kurt also tells Karofsky that he likes him as a friend, but only as friends.

Why did Blaine dating Karofsky?

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HOMEWARD BOUND |Ignoring for a moment that flying to Ohio for Homecoming would be nearly impossible for several of the show’s OGs, it was great to see the ol’ gang reunited. And while I would have preferred forGleeto incorporate more of the newbies from two seasons ago — Jake, Marley, Ryder, etc. — rather than introducing us to a crop of students we’ll only know for 11 more episodes, I’ll take what I can get. During a New Directions lesson about transitioning (thanks to Rachel’s freakout that her dads sold her childhood home), Artie created a wheel of duets to help people choose at random with whom they’d sing a duet. During Kurt’s turn, he purposely turned the dial so that it would land on Blaine. Blaine was obviously pleased about the duet but worried about telling Karofsky about it, thanks to him thinking Klaine still had lingering feelings for each other. Brody does not come to Lima for Will’s wedding, however, he is mentioned by Rachel several times during her meeting with Finn.

Finn learns the truth about the child’s father from Rachel, and Quinn and Finn break up. Every year, the actress pays tribute to her reviews Tastebuds late boyfriend and fellow Glee star,Cory Monteith. The death of Naya Rivera was ruled an accident after she drowned in a bathtub.

Kurt talks about becoming senior class president, as the two boys act coupley in the choir room. In the beginning Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Mercedes and Tina are seen discussing Nationals at the Lima Bean. When Kurt is asked about New Directions going to New York, Kurt is obviously bitter about the Warblers not moving on to the Nationals. The girls say they miss Kurt and want him back, asking if Kurt could transfer back to McKinley. Blaine answers, saying that if it weren’t for Karofsky he would be completely fine with Kurt rejoining New Directions, but that he has to be safe. Later, Kurt is called in to the principal’s office at McKinley to talk with Karofsky, Karofsky’s father, Will, Burt and Principal Figgins.

Colfer added, “For him to see me in him, I can’t even describe it.” With Rachel occupying all her time with Brody, Kurt decides to find his place at NYADA by searching for a club to join so he can fit in. He sees a flier for the NYADA glee club, The Adam’s Apples, and is interested but Rachel warns him that joining such a club in college is social suicide. Later, when Kurt is caught glancing at the flier again, he meets Adam, an energetic student and leader of the Apples, who is willing for Kurt to join his glee club.

During the Glee Club auditions, Kurt and Blaine are seated next to each other, but there is no real interaction between the two during that scene. As they walk down the hallway, Kurt indicates that Blaine seems preoccupied. Blaine says it’s because his brother is in town and is planning to take him to lunch. Kurt indicates that he’s quite curious about Blaine’s mysterious brother who he won’t talk about.

Anyone With Sam

In her explosive memoir, “Sorry Not Sorry,” she wrote about her rivalry with Lea Michele. Naya admitted that her co-star did not talk to her throughout the entire filming of the final season. More proof that these two are best friends was mentioned in Diana’s blog many years ago. One night the actress went to a bookstore, but when she was leaving the store, she realized she had lost her keys.

Burt and Carole have been in communication with Rachel, off screen, because Rachel explains such to her friends and worries it’ll be offensive to them if she’s seen moving on and being with Sam. Mercedes reminds her that Burt and Carole found each other after losing their spouses, and feels confident they wouldn’t fault Rachel for moving on. Burt & Carole happily attend the wedding for Brittany and Santana, Burt officiating in the state of Indiana because gay marriage was not yet legal in Ohio. They talk to Kurt and inadvertently give him advice that leads him and Blaine to deciding to get married at the same time.