Men’s Dating Coach Shares Common Mistakes And Advice To Improve

Bumble did not respond to a request for numbers, and Tinder said the company doesn’t share data on matches externally. All companies have strict policies against catfishing, which is why the men in this article didn’t want to give their full names. It took roughly two years for Dan, a 36-year-old working in finance, to do something about his frustration with dating apps.

She suggested he move it to the last spot in his profile’s photo carousel. While showing off his easy-going personality is important, a greater variety of outfits can better illustrate Sourabh’s range as a suitor. Anderson suggested he wear a collared shirt and take a photo in an urban environment that lets his outfit be the star of the photo. “His smile and the setting tell me that he’s good-natured and adventurous, plus the setting is beautiful, and he has his camera, which signals his interest in photography,” Anderson told Insider.


On swipe apps, I rarely match with potential romantic partners; when I do get a match, conversations tend to fizzle quickly. Some days I blame the algorithm; other times, I wonder if I’m bad at creating an appealing digital persona. COVID-19 has disrupted single men’s romantic lives the same way it’s disrupted healthcare, industry, and travel. Men seeking to meet someone special shouldn’t lose hope however. According to dating coach Blaine Anderson, this is actually the perfect time to meet someone new.

Prior to the pandemic, I worked in the travel industry. I helped clients plan trips for special occasions like honeymoons, anniversaries, and birthdays to destinations like Argentina, Italy, Croatia, and South Africa. Most people only have about two weeks to travel each year, and a special trip like a safari might cost as much as a car, so it was incredibly fulfilling to deliver magical experiences to my clients. Since we’ve already talked about The Alchemist, I’ll go with The Courage to Be Disliked by Fumitake Koga and Ichiro Kishimi.

It took me hundreds of hours of trial and error to figure out how to consistently produce viral content for Instagram and TikTok. I almost gave up on both platforms a dozen times early on, because so much of the content I’d produce would flop after I’d spent hours producing it. Transitioning to a course-based business is what really allowed me to take my coaching to the next level and allows me to help more men.

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When it came to the rest of Sourabh’s photo choices, Anderson suggested he take more intentional pictures for his profile to help showcase his interests and personality. Dating coach Blaine Anderson said Sourabh should use this photo as inspiration for updated images that could make his profile stand out. Blaine also has countless free resources to help her clients level-up their dating game. This includes a very active dating blog, a TikTok account with a +58k followers, and an Instagram page with a staggering +160k followers – all of which she’s very active on. First, your salary and finances are not relevant conversation topics on a first date.

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His coaching career dates back to his time as an undergraduate at the University of Arizona where he was already showing promise as a dating advice expert. Thanks to his coaching program, Transform Your Dating Life in 30 Days, Anderson has helped over 1,000 men learn to authentically market themselves, and start attracting the women of their dreams. Anderson’s teachings are rooted in both psychology and his years of experience helping clients from around the globe attract exactly the partner they desire. She specializes in helping guys build confidence, learn to authentically market themselves, and attract amazing partners fast.

On today’s episode, I’m joined by Blaine Anderson, aka Dating by Blaine, who is a dating coach for men. We hear about the biggest challenges men face in modern dating, ways men are misunderstood in dating, and how Blaine ended up helping men with their dating lives. Blaine shares tips for dating apps profiles, approaching a woman IRL, sliding into her DMs, and texting etiquette. We answer listener questions about exclusivity, having needs vs. being needy, burnout, and sifting through matches.

Good coaches will have dozens of client testimonials like mineyou can review. If the coach you’re considering can only point you to a handful of shady testimonials, run. Second off, coaching performance is opaque.There’s no public source of truth for client outcomes, which would enable us to actually determine who the most-effective coach is. Many coaches don’t even publish client testimonials.

The difference between “OK” and “excellent” can be subtle. My Instagram and TikTok videos started getting dramatically more views as I picked up on a few subtle and almost silly-sounding production secrets from people who were getting better results than me. For example, filming in environments that look organic, like my car as opposed to my office, significantly boosted my viewership and followership. This isn’t to say “film videos in your car to go viral” — that may or may not work for you — but it is to say that seemingly immaterial details can have a material impact on your results, and testing of every variable.

You run the risk of saying something that the person across the table from you may misconstrue, which, in turn, could run things off the rails before they have an opportunity to get going. Often, Anderson tells men to be more deliberate with their profile photo choices. Anderson made the courses to teach men how to market themselves and connect with women.

After turning a lot of other stones, I finally decided I’d give dating coaching a serious look because frankly, I had nothing left to lose. If you move forward with a dating coach, you’ll be communicating with them closely , so it’s important you enjoy their company. Many guys can benefit from working with a dating coach, but some guys can’t… If hiring a dating coach would represent a significant financial burden (e.g. you’d have trouble making rent), don’t hire one. But if the cost won’t materially impact your quality of life, hiring a coach could be a great investment, because there’s terrific upside.

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After helping hundreds of single guys find partners, she asserts that dating is a learnable skill. It’s also something men assume they’ll be naturally good at when that’s rarely the case. Without actively knowing how to sell yourself, you’re not likely to get the results you want. The Instagram discover page seems aware I’ve been striking out on the apps. Between ads for protein supplements and fashionable overalls, my feed is inundated with videos offering tips on dating and relationships. They suggest everything from learning attachment styles to harnessing my masculine energy through something called extreme chastity.

According to Anderson, the pandemic has had a profound impact on the dating scene, with many people feeling more isolated and disconnected than ever before. “The pandemic has created a lot of fear and uncertainty around dating and relationships,” she says. “People are unsure of how to connect with others in a safe and meaningful way, and this has led to a lot of confusion and frustration.” Kelsey Wonderlin is a licensed therapist-turned-dating coach who has noticed how outdated the advice being given was and became passionate about demystifying the new challenges that come from using the latest technology. That appears to be the case for Dan, who already had one demanding, full-time job, and hesitated to spend much more of his energy on the apps, which were starting to feel a lot like unpaid labor. In the end, Dan may have learned a lot about what he was doing wrong, but ultimately, he decided — for now — an app like Tinder wasn’t the right platform for him.